Crisis Support

Crisis Support

Coordinated resources to keep at-risk youth safe, and focused on healthy transitions to the more positive next steps in their lives.

For youth facing imminent risks – which can include homelessness, uncertainty after release from detention, or living in an unsafe environment – long-term solutions can only be implemented after the immediate crisis has been addressed. Working closely with individuals and families, highly trained Hillside staff offer connections to safe havens; counseling to help resolve issues that can threaten safety and inhibit personal growth; and life-skills training to match each individual with the tools they need to ensure a future of confidence and hope.

Seeing Results Everyday at Hillside

The ultimate measure of Hillside's partnerships with youth, families and communities lies in the long-term success for those we serve.  Read more in our current Outcomes Report.

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Our Approach & Results:

Hillside’s impact on youth, families and communities is seen everyday in ways large and small. Hillside services and programs are data-driven, leveraging research and ongoing evaluation to continuously improve and innovate how we partner with youth, families, and the community towards real solutions. Hillside is committed to incorporating data-driven methods into all of our work, putting us at the forefront of human services and providing programs make a difference. See how this program, and others, are making an impact:

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