Support the Complex Work of Changing Lives

Since Hillside was founded in 1837, many things have changed—but not the painful multigenerational effects of poverty, trauma and neglect on children, families and whole communities. Hillside is dedicated to breaking that cycle through innovative programs that serve thousands of youth and families annually, and strengthen individual lives every day.

Philanthropy makes our work possible. With your support, Hillside can help build stronger futures for those in need. Thank you for your commitment to our mission.

Please mail all checks to:

Hillside Children’s Foundation
PO Box 1901
Albany, NY 12201-1901

If you have questions or to donate by phone, please call (585) 256-7515.

11‌83 Monroe Ave
Rochester, N‌Y 14‌620-16‌62

Hillside Children's Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity number 1‌6-149‌3404.