Our Services

Our Services

Hillside Family of Agencies serves nearly 13,000 families through more than 100 programs across 33 counties in three states. In those very large numbers are the stories of real people—children, adults and families—all helped by Hillside in immeasurable ways.

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crisis support

Crisis Support

Coordinated resources to keep at-risk youth safe, and focused on healthy transitions to the more positive next steps in their lives.

education and vocation

Education and Vocation

Addressing school-based challenges, providing therapeutic education and increasing each youth’s potential for academic success.

foster care services

Foster Care

Services that support caring adults in their roles as foster parents, and that link youth in need to the family environment they deserve.

in-home and community support

In Home and Community Support

Personalized, highly accessible services that support youth and families as they face a broad array of life challenges

residential treatment

Residential Treatment

Providing safety and structure to help youth and families overcome the greatest challenges.

behavioral health services

Behavioral Health Services

Providing crisis intervention, individual/family/group therapy, Health Home Care Management, diagnostic evaluation and assessment.

family resources

Family Resources

An array of supportive services helping empower parents and families to realize their full potential.