Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long has Hillside been around?
A. Hillside has been serving children and families in our local communities for over 180 years. What is known today as the Hillside Family of Agencies began in 1837 as the Rochester Female Association for the Relief of Orphans and Destitute Children. The association members—who included the wives of many influential Rochester businessmen and church leaders—were dedicated to caring for the city’s orphans.
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Q. Where does Hillside operate?
A. Hillside operates in five regions that span New York state and parts of Maryland and Washington, DC. In NYS the four regions are as follows: Monroe, Western, Central and the Southern Tier Region. In Maryland/Washington, the region serviced by Hillside is known as the Capital Region. Although Hillside’s services are located in these five regions, we accept youth, adults and families from all 62 counties in New York state.
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Q. What types of services does Hillside provide?
A. Hillside delivers an array of services that provide health, education and human services programs and resources that are either unavailable or in short supply – but which are desperately needed within our community. For a full list of the services HFA provides, visit Our Services.

Q. I’ve heard about Hillside providing “family-driven” care. What does that mean?
A. All Hillside’s programs are developed and practiced based on a four-part philosophy of care. Our programs are family-driven, meaning the family has a primary decision-making role in the care of their child; youth-guided, in that a child’s unique needs and circumstances direct the course of their care; trauma-informed, meaning creating a calm, safe and secure environment for those in need of our services; and culturally competent, which means being aware of one’s own lenses and using this awareness to learn, connect and facilitate mutual respect.

Q. Does Hillside only work with children?
A. HFA offers services, resources and guidance to all members of the communities we serve. As a leading collaborator in community solutions, we’re here to help better the lives of families, youth and adults who are in need of our services, but our work benefits everyone. For a full list of the services HFA provides, visit Our Services.

Q. Who pays for Hillside’s services?
A. Hillside services are paid for by a wide range of generous public funders and private donors. For many of our services there is no fee to the family. In some cases, Medicaid-eligible families may receive services as covered by NYS Medicaid.

Q. How can you tell if these services make a difference?
A. Measuring the results of human-service programs is absolutely essential to ensuring that the programs are making a difference. Hillside studies the effects of our services on the lives of the youth, adults and families with whom we partner, and we publish annual Outcomes Reports that track their results against prior years’ performance, and in comparison to regional and national benchmarks. Learn More

Q. I have a family member who might benefit from Hillside’s services. What should I do?
A. We’re here to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year-round.
In Greater Rochester – (585) 256-7500
Toll Free – (888) 514-4455

Q. I’m worried that a child I know may be neglected or abused at home. What should I do?
A. If you suspect a child is being abused, it's critical to speak up. Many people are reluctant to get involved in other families' lives, but child abuse is NOT merely a family matter, and the consequences of staying silent can be devastating for the child. To report child abuse and neglect in New York state, you can call (800) 342-3720.

Q. How can I apply for a job with Hillside?
A. To learn about the job opportunities we have available or to apply to become a part of our Hillside team, please visit Work Here.

Q. What is Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection?
A. The nationally-recognized Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection gives at-risk youth essential support and training that helps them stay in high school and achieve their goals of graduation, college and career. Professional youth advocates, youth employment training, part-time jobs, life skills and community investments are at the core of our proven model. Since its inception in 1987, more than 5,000 HW-SC students have graduated from high schools across New York state and in Maryland.

Q. How can I sign up my child for Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection?
A. To speak to one of our team members about HW-SC, please find contact information below based on your location:

  • Monroe Region (Rochester): (800) 882-4593
  • Central Region (Syracuse): (315) 558-6108
  • Capital Region (Prince George’s County, MD): (301) 446-3691 x100

Q. What sort of medical staff are involved in Residential Treatment at Hillside? Are pre-existing conditions or other medical needs addressed, or would I need to coordinate outside care for my child in addition to whatever Residential Treatment they receive?
A. Hillside’s health care staff includes a full range of highly trained personnel who can attend to most medical and psychiatric needs experienced by youth in Residential Treatment. Our licensed clinical professionals include Registered Dieticians, Licensed Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses, Psychiatric and Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, Pediatricians and Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists. These individuals work collaboratively with Hillside program staff to ensure high-quality health care is provided; Hillside also maintains strong relationships with local hospitals and medical providers to provide higher levels of specialty medical and psychiatric care, as well as emergency care.

Q. How can I give feedback on my family’s experience with Hillside Family of Agencies?
A. Hillside Family of Agencies strives to provide the best possible services to its children and families. In this effort, it is important for us to hear from those we serve about the ways we can improve our services. It is also helpful to hear about the things we are doing well. If someone in your family has previously been or is currently enrolled in a Hillside program, please call 1-877-346-1190 or email feedback@hillside.com. You can also take our Customer Satisfaction Survey online. To learn about where to report fraud and abuse, unethical or illegal activity, click here.