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(585) 256-7500
Toll Free: 1 (877) 346-1190

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Hillside is committed to providing the best quality service to the youth, adults and families we serve. If you have reason to suspect that an employee of Hillside has committed:

  • Fraud/abuse (e.g. stolen money, lied about service delivery, falsified documentation, requested “payment” for services, engaged in physical or sexual abuse, etc.)
  • Unethical/Illegal Activity (e.g. engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a youth, adult or family member, engaged in an illegal activity while working, etc. )

Please reach out to Hillside at 585-256-7500 or 1-888-514-4455, and ask to speak with the Corporate Compliance Officer.

If you would like to anonymously report the issue, please click here.

Hillside has a “Whistleblower” policy. Anyone reporting an issue of fraud, abuse, illegal, or unethical treatment will not face retaliation for reporting the issue.

Media Relations

Requests from the media for interviews or video/photographs of Hillside staff or clients must be approved by a member of Hillside’s Communications & Marketing team. To ensure the protection of youth and family confidentiality, media visits to Hillside locations must be approved in advance.

To arrange an interview with a member of the Hillside community, please contact Erich Van Dussen, Senior Director of Communications & Marketing, at 585-256-7500 or