Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection

Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection

Graduation. College. Career.

Founded in 1987, Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection (HW-SC) is dedicated to reversing the trend of low high-school graduation rates, and helping students realize their potential—in the classroom, in the community and in life.

A Proven Model

The core of the program is the close relationship between each student and their HW-SC Youth Advocate, a dedicated professional placed in the school who provides structure and motivation. The YA unites all dimensions of a student’s life, and connects youth to supportive services in three areas.

Academic Support—Tutoring, in school or at designated locations, supplements traditional classroom learning and helps students improve in vulnerable academic areas. Strong communication between YAs and teachers ensures that assignments and in-class obligations are met.

Job Readiness—HW-SC’s Jobs Institute helps students define career goals, builds their soft skills and provides practical experience through the Youth Employment Training Academy. Following YETA certification, students can work part-time with a HW-SC Employment Partner that helps them earn money while boosting their time-management and entry-level workforce skills.

Youth Development—Through regular check-ins with student families and other community supports, the YA provides guidance and advice that helps students stay focused and on course.

Life-Changing Results

HW-SC students benefit from sustained partnerships with Youth Advocates, and with families, teachers, school staff and other community supports. The results are seen in their extraordinary graduation rates relative to their home districts. Involvement in the Youth Employment Training Academy (YETA) further improves their outcomes. The results below are from the HW-SC Classes of 2019:

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HW-SC Breaks the cycle of poverty

"I’m a living and breathing product of Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection. The program works. And it started back in school. It took one Advocate to believe in me. Where would I be now without that? I don’t know.”

Carmona Ross
HW-SC Alumna

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