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For Providers / Partners: A Partnership in Effective Care

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If you are a provider of medical, mental health or social work services—or if you are a partner to those providers, and to families—Hillside Care Management Services can help you make sure the individuals you serve receive the best possible care.

A child or adult dealing with trauma or one or more chronic conditions may have a number of providers, all delivering varied essential services. By helping to coordinate those services between you, the family and other providers and partners, the Hillside Care Manager can support your efforts and ensure that your patient receives comprehensive care that helps them enjoy the healthiest possible future.

Benefits of Hillside Care Management

  • Coordinating care between all doctors, therapists and other partners/providers
  • Relaying important information between providers and the family, to support the most informed decision-making for all involved
  • Promoting awareness of all services and community resources that may be available
  • Decreasing the need for acute-care interventions or repeat emergency visits

Core Services

Hillside Care Management is built around six Core Services that support all aspects of care:

  • Comprehensive Care Management – Collaborating with families and providers to create and maintain a complete care plan that is aligned to established health goals
  • Care Coordination and Health Promotion – Monitoring and evaluating the participant’s needs and progress, with regular case reviews and 24/7 availability as needed
  • Comprehensive Transitional Care – Supporting transfers between sites and/or episodes of care
  • Patient and Family Support – Connecting families/caregivers, providers and relevant agencies to ensure full awareness of the participant’s care and foster informed decisions
  • Community / Social Service Referrals – Identifying and engaging useful community-based resources that can supplement ongoing care plans
  • Linking Services Via Health Information Technology – Recording interactions in an electronic medical record system to ensure all providers have access to patient information

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