Research and Evaluation

Research and Evaluation at Hillside

Hillside Family of Agencies is data-driven, using research and ongoing evaluation to continuously improve and innovate services in partnership with those we serve. Hillside's Strategic Pillars outline how research, data-driven outcomes, and dissemination efforts are key priorities within our organization. Hillside conducts original research and program evaluations, while also partnering with external researchers throughout the country.

Research Studies and Program Evaluation

Hillside’s research- and evidence-informed programs are designed to address the needs of children, adults, and families. Our research and evaluation projects include those that use a methodological design, that test specific questions/hypotheses, and that follow a scientific research process.

Research studies and program evaluation listing

Contributions to the Field

The acquisition and dissemination of knowledge is essential to implementing research- and evidence-informed programs and testing the impact of those programs. Hillside’s dissemination efforts include journal publications, book chapters, and professional presentations.

Contributions to the field – Publications

Contributions to the field – Professional Presentations