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What We Do

HW-SC Policy and Practice Magazine Article

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Students discover their potential and graduate from high school – college and career ready.

Professional youth advocates, part-time jobs, new life skills and community investments are at the core of our proven model. Graduation is just the beginning. We are serious about lifelong success that expands to home, school, work and community.

Core elements of HW-SC’s model include:

  1. Youth advocates based in every school: professional advocates engage students and families and help them connect to academic, workforce and social supports. Each advocate optimizes student potential and motivates them to become active participants in their journey to high school graduation, college and employment.
  2. Life Skills: year-round enrichment activities that follow curriculum proven to help reduce teen pregnancy, school suspensions, class failure and dropout. This includes weekly after-school programs.
  3. Jobs Institute: prepares students for successful employment through the following supportive activities:
    • Youth Employment Training: a 25-hour workforce-readiness training designed for youth entering their first work experience. The program teaches youth how to create a job portfolio, conduct job searches and prepare for interviews and also identifies the keys for on-the-job success. Students must meet standards for attendance, grades and positive attitudes to be recommended for the program.
    • Employment Partnership: Completion of YETA allows students to apply for entry-level jobs with local employment partners exposing them to career opportunities and enabling them to develop marketable job skills, as well as earn money toward college tuition.
    • Ongoing Mentoring: while employed, students are supported by regular coaching at their place of employment, by their Youth Advocate and by HW-SC staff.
  4. College Preparation and Support: help students access the information and support they need to gain acceptance to college, and to ensure their successful transition.
  5. Individualized Academic Support: tutoring, academic assistance and other specialized interventions throughout the entire year, HW-SC partners with local colleges, universities and other academic partners for tutoring support.

You can make a gift and change the future for youth in your community.

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