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WegmansHillside Work-Scholarship Connection (HW-SC) Hillside Work Scholarshipbegan in 1987 and was founded by Wegmans Foods Markets, an industry leader and Fortune Magazine “100 Best Companies to Work For”. The program was a way to address high employee turnover and diversity in Wegmans part-time workforce and to increase high school graduation rates in the community.

HW-SC has earned national recognition as an innovative leading solution to the poverty and dropout crisis, delivering consistent, measurable results for school districts and their students in the areas of high school graduation, college and career readiness, and employment.

The results and community impact are compelling:

  • Since the program’s inception, over 5,000 young people have graduated from our urban high schools and have become productive citizens in the communities where they live and work today.
  • 83% of the HW-SC students who stick with our program graduate from high school.
  • Many of the students work during high school with our employment partners. As a matter of fact, those students who work with our employer partners graduate at the rate of 94% in four years.
  • There are currently nearly 4,000 students in the program today in New York and Maryland.


HWSC OutcomesHW-SC reaches out to students with at least two risk factors for dropping out of school:

  • School attendance between 71% and 85%
  • Over age for grade level
  • Failing grade in core subjects
  • Multiple school suspensions
  • Low standardized test scores
  • Low Socioeconomic Status

For information regarding referrals please contacting the following individual based on your locations:

  1. Rochester: (800) 882-4593
  2. Syracuse: (315) 558-6108
  3. Greater Washington: (301) 446-3691 x100

You can make a gift and change the future for youth in your community.

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