Hillside Children’s Center

Hillside Children’s Center is a provider of care for youth and families with a wide range of emotional, behavioral, or life-circumstance challenges. HCC offers mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice, special education, safety net, and developmental disabilities services to children and families throughout Central and Western New York.Comprehensive pediatric, psychiatric, and medical consultation and coordination services are also provided.HCC services are customized based on the strengths and needs of individual youth, families, and communities.

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We assist with infant, international, and special needs adoptions. Recognizing that adoption is a lifelong commitment, Hillside remains a resource for adoptive parents and their children after legalization.

Customized Services

We customize services to the specific needs and strengths of youth, families, and communities.Customized services are developed on an as-needed basis.

Education and Day Treatment Services

Day Treatment serves youth ages 5–18 who are experiencing school-related and/or family challenges. Special education, behavioral support, and mental health services are provided in this learning environment.

Developmental Disabilities Services for Youth

Residential or at-home services are designed to treat youth who are dually diagnosed with emotional challenges and developmental disabilities.Youth are assigned service coordinators who work with youth and families to build an effective group of community-based services to support individual growth.

Foster Family Care

Foster homes are available as alternatives to our residential treatment services, as an option for youth pending adoption, or as transitional plans for youth who have made progress in residential treatment but are not yet able to return home.Foster parents are trained, experienced, and committed to the youth and family’s special needs and have the support of our staff who work with youth and families to build permanency.

Home and Community-Based Services

Through a variety of services we provide treatment and support to youth and their families in the home or within alternate community settings.Runaway/homeless youth benefit from a range of safety net services providing crisis counseling and housing.

Nonsecure Detention Services

We provide care to youth awaiting due process in Family Court. Our specialists evaluate the child, address medical and psychiatric
needs,and provide the court with valuable information concerning the youth’s progress.

Residential Treatment Services

Youth with severe emotional or behavioral challenges benefit from a period of treatment at one of our fully supervised residential campuses. Highly-trained specialists work closely with youth in our care, involving their parents in the entire process.Campus schools provide special education to youth in our residential treatment services.