Our Family Of Agencies

Our Family of Agencies

Addressing the complex issues that disadvantaged individuals and families face requires a systemic approach to social impact that coordinates a wide range of mutually reinforcing efforts. Guided by this belief, Hillside has carefully built a Family of Agencies that work both individually and together to put children, youth and families on a path to success and help break the damaging cycles of poverty, trauma, and neglect.

Our Hillside Family of Agencies Affiliates are:

Based in the communities we serve, each affiliate agency within Hillside offers deep expertise in distinct areas of specialization, allowing them to meet the smallest of individual needs working in whatever setting those we serve are most likely to succeed: at home, at school, at work, in the community, or at Hillside. Taken together, Hillside’s entire Family of Agencies reaches across the entire human services continuum, helping us recognize the patterns, trends, and connections that lead to important breakthroughs, and coordinate improvements at every stage of an individual’s life, from cradle to career.