Who We Are

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Hillside Family of Agencies is one of the largest non-profit agencies in New York State and has been a cornerstone of the Rochester, NY, community for 175 years. Hillside can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling (585) 256-7500 or e-mailing info@hillside.com.


Two of Hillside's service affiliates, Crestwood Children’s Center and Hillside Children's Center, trace their roots to the 19th century, when they were founded as a hospital for infants and an orphanage, respectively. Today, Hillside Family of Agencies functions as an efficient system of care consisting of affiliates Crestwood Children's Center, Crestwood Children's Foundation, Hillside Children's Center, Hillside Children's Foundation, Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection, and Snell Farm Children's Center.


With a budget of more than $120 million, Hillside Family of Agencies provides more than 120 services to children and families at more than 40 locations across Western and Central New York and in Prince George's County, Maryland. Hillside is accredited by the Council on Accreditation. It is Hillside's strategic intent to be a leader in translating research into effective practice solutions.


The diverse, skilled workforce is dedicated to serving the needs of youth through providing mental health, child welfare, developmental disabilities, youth and family development, safety net, juvenile justice, and special education services.


One of the largest employers headquartered in Monroe County, Hillside Family of Agencies retains more than 2,200 staff members who work under the direction of President and CEO Dennis Richardson in providing a variety of services to more than 12,000 families on an annual basis.