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Wegmans Chef Throw-Down #2

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 Wegmans will host a “Chef Throw Down #2” to benefit Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection in Buffalo. The event will feature pro football player, Robert Woods, #10, in a chili cook-off contest against a Wegmans Chef Team. Hillside students will serve as judges and servers for the event. The event is open to the public, Monday, October 27th, from 6:30-8:00pm, at the Wegmans, Alberta Drive location in Amherst, New York.. 

A special VIP area will be set up after the event to meet Robert Woods. VIP tickets can be purchased at Wegmans for $20 for two, with proceeds donated to the Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection program in Buffalo. There is a limited quantity of VIP tickets available. Visit “That’s the Ticket” locations at the Wegmans Service Desks for more information. 

The first event featured Eric Wood, #70. Hundreds of fans came out to eat chicken wings prepared by his winning team! Can Robert Woods make it two in a row? Find out for yourself – be there for all the fun!! 

 Event Description: 

"Wegmans Chef Throw-Down #2" 

Featuring pro football player Robert Woods, #10 

To benefit Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection 

Monday, October 27, 6:30-8:00 

Wegmans – Alberta Drive, Amherst, NY 

* Free event. 

* Public invited. 

* Two teams of chefs, one led by a Wegmans Chef team, another by Robert Woods, will compete in a chicken wing cooking contest. 

* Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection students will be the contest judges, assist the Chef's, and distribute samples. 

* A special VIP area will be set up after the event. VIP tickets can be purchased for $20 to meet Robert Woods, with ticket proceeds from the event donated to Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection. There are a limited amount of tickets  





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