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HWSC Syracuse  

Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection was established in 1987 to help students at risk of dropping out to stay in school and achieve academic success. It is our mission to increase the graduation rates of students within the city school districts of Rochester, Syracuse, and Buffalo, New York and Prince George’s County, Maryland by providing long-term advocacy, academic resources, life skills development, and job training, resulting in self-sufficient, contributing adults for the community. On average,Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection students graduate high school at twice the rate of their peers and between 70 and 80 percent of these graduates attend college. 

  • We collaborated with “OnPoint for College” in Syracuse to provide intensive support for graduating Syracuse students entering and already enrolled in college.
  • The Gifford Foundation partnered with us in Syracuse to provide funds to support more than 50 jobs for students during the summer months.
  • New relationships were established with employers in Syracuse to provide job opportunities with Crouse Hospital, Carousel Center, United Radio, and Syracuse Health Center.

Student success fuels our growth. . .
94% of our students in Syracuse were promoted to the next grade level and on average attended school at a rate of 95% this year.

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High Schools

Cocoran - 919 Gleenwood Ave, Syracuse NY, 13207
Fowler - 227 Magnolia, Syracuse NY 13204
Henniger - 600 Robinson, Syracuse NY 13206
Nottingham -3100 E Genesee Street, Syracuse NY 13224

Middle Schools

Bellevue Middle School Academy

Contact us: 315-558-6100