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Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection of Prince George’s County  

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Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection (HWSC) of Prince George’s County helps urban youth to stay in school, achieve academic success, and earn their high school diplomas. Students enter the program in seventh through ninth grade. School-based youth advocates provide 360 degree support to help students develop good habits, acquire social skills, and achieve their potential to become contributing, responsible young people at home, in school and at work.

HWSC reaches out to students with at least two risk factors for dropping out of school:

  • School attendance between 71% and 85%
  • Over age for grade level
  • Failing grade in core subjects
  • Multiple school suspensions
  • Low Standardized Test Scores
  • Low Social Economic Status

We are currently present in five schools within the county – three high schools and two middle schools – which we have profiled below.

Central High School
200 Cabin Branch Road
Capitol Heights, MD 20743
Charoscar Coleman, Principal

“To ensure that all students acquire information and skills and the ability to apply their knowledge to become lifelong learners and productive citizens in a diverse/global society, Central High School (CHS) promotes the development of academic proficiency and strength of character in each learner. Central is a four-year high school located in Capitol Heights, Maryland. Capitol Heights has middle to low-income residential housing and light commercial properties. It is located southeast of Washington, D.C.”

Central High School, has a population of 1,233 students (630 males and 603 females), is predominantly African-American. The student body is 87% African American, 10% Hispanic, 1% White, 1.62% Asian, and 1% American Indian. 50% of the students are receiving free and reduced meals.

Fairmont Heights H.S.
1401 Nye Street
Capitol Heights, MD 20743
Nakia Nicholson, Principal

“Our school vision includes the continued development of services and processes to meet the needs of African-American students who frequently come from single-parent low-income households, who live in areas plagued by crime, unemployment and drug use. Because of the school’s geographic location, bordering Washington, DC, it faces many of the challenges of an urban high school.”

Fairmont Heights High School has a student population of 1,079. 98.70% is African American, .28% white, .46% Hispanic, .46 %Asian/Pacific Islander and .9% American Indian. 54% receive free and reduced priced meals.

G. James Gholson Middle School
900 Nalley Road
Landover, MD 20785
Ms. Ebony Cross, Co-Principal
Ms. Lacey Robinson, Co-Principal 

“G. James Gholson Middle School is a comprehensive school, following the America’s Choice Design Model. It is located in Landover, Maryland and serves the Seat Pleasant, Fairmont Heights, Capital Heights, Kentland, Peppermill, and Landover communities.”

G. James Gholson Middle School has a population of approximately 759. 95% is African American and 5% Hispanic. Approximately 60% of the students receive free and reduced meals. 18% of the students at Gholson receive Special Education services. 

Drew Freeman Middle School 
2600 Brooks Drive 
Suiteland, Maryland 20746
Dr. Marla Dean, Principal

“The primary mission at Drew- Freeman Middle School, in partnership with parents and the community, is to provide our students/children the foundation on which they will develop a sense of understanding and compassion for others. At Drew-Freeman our school values emphasize the development of academic excellence healthy character, embrace the use of technology, utilize community resources, foster parental involvement, recognize the need to work cooperatively, and encourage students to become successful independent learners.”

Drew Freeman Middle School has a student population of 751 students which is made up of the following: 95% is African American. The remainder of the students comprises 1% American Indian, 1%White and 3% Hispanic. Approximately 54% of students participate in the Free and Reduced Breakfast and Lunch Program.

Suitland High School
5200 Silver Hill Rd
Forestville, MD 20747
Dwan Jordan, Principal

Suitland High School is a long regarded for its Visual and Performing Arts magnet program. Suitland hosts a wide variety of specialized programs of instruction, which includes: the Center for Visual and Performing Arts magnet program; an International Baccalaureate (IB) magnet program; the Technical Academy signature program; the America’s Choice School Design signature program; and the Academy of Finance.

Suitland High School, with a student population of 2,545 which is made up of the following: 96% African American, 2% White and 2% Hispanic. Approximately 52% of students participate in the Free and Reduced Breakfast and Lunch Program.