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Who We Are:  

• Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection is a proud partner to the South Park High School community, including teachers, school administrators, students and their families. Our program helps address the many barriers students face outside of the classroom, ensuring that students come to class prepared to learn. We help teachers focus on what they do best- teach.

• For the past 24 years, we have helped middle and high school students change their lives by staying engaged in school and beating the odds by doing what it takes to successfully graduate high school prepared for a positive future in college and in the workforce.

• More than 3,500 students participate in Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection across four school districts in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse (NY), and in Prince George’s County (MD).

• We employ 2 school-based, full-time Youth Advocates and 1 Program Manager at South Park High School. Youth Advocates (YA’s) are youth development specialists who work with a caseload of up to 30 students. Youth Advocates are caring, consistent adult mentors who help students access the extra support and individualized resources they need to overcome any barriers that stand in the way of graduation and lifelong success.

Positive Facts:  

• We are a proven program. In 2009, the American Youth Policy Forum cited HWSC as one of the nation’s most effective programs helping youth on the path to college and beyond.

• Last year we helped a total of 318 young people enrolled in our program celebrate their graduation from high school – a critical first milestone to a successful, productive future.

- On average, 68% of these 2010 graduates are attending college and/or are working in jobs in our community.

• In Rochester, 62% of HW-SC’s class of 2010 graduated as compared to the overall district on-time graduation rate of 51%. But this is just the beginning of the story…

- With our help, another 2% of our students earned their diploma in January (2011) and/or completed their GED- both positive outcomes that will open the door to future opportunities.

• On average, 83% of all Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection students either graduated or were actively promoted to the next grade level - indicating their positive progression on the path to graduation, college, and career.

• HW-SC’s unique youth employment division provides eligible students with relevant job readiness training and opportunities to participate in part-time work among 26 different employer partners in the communities we serve.

- Last year, more than 560 Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection Students secured jobs through HW-SC and earned an estimated $2.8 million in wages- helping create economic activity and help build vibrant, healthy communities.

Why Invest in HW-SC?  

• Earning your high school diploma is the first critical milestone opening opportunities for future success. HW-SC has a 24-year track record of consistently improving graduation rates for its program participants.

• HW-SC is a sound investment for our entire community, saving the county and city millions of dollars.

• According to a report issued by the Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency, HWSC more than pays for itself and is a winning investment for our entire community. In addition to helping transform the lives of the students we serve, HW-SC provides a significant return on investment to the entire community:

-For every 100 students enrolled in HW-SC, by the time they reach age 30,they will have generated a return on investment of $2.26 million back to our community. Savings are achieved through a reduction on participants’reliance on social services, housing assistance, food stamps, Medicaid, other forms of public assistance, and costs associated with incarceration, coupled with the increased revenue generated through participants’estimated earnings and wages.

- Given HW-SC’s 60 students enrolled in South Park High School this year, the estimated return on investment is $1.4 million.

- Few programs can produce consistent, life-changing results and a quantifiable return on investment like HW-SC. Please support our students and help us serve as a valuable resource and partner to the entire South Park High School community.

• By June of 2012 the program will add an additional 60 youth to the current program.

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South Park High School - 150 Southside Parkway, Buffalo, NY 14220-1595


Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection (HW-SC) depends wholly on the support of the communities in which our students live. We are proud to collaborate with the following partners to link HW-SC students to the individualized resources and experiences they need to become successful:

Buffalo Public Schools
Buffalo State College
Hilbert College
Seneca Babcock Community Center
St. Bonaventure University